Endangered Species

Soundtrack for the Wire Monkey Dance epic Endangered Species production. Primal, kinetic, ecstatic. A vast array of instrumental, sampled, and ambient sounds.


F i r s t   P e r s o n   S i n g u l a r

Debut recording of multi-tracked songs and instrumentals. A carefully crafted, poetic, far-ranging portrait of the artist. Cello, guitar, voice, percussion, and more.

E a r t h d a n c e

An 80-minute improvised journey recorded live at Earthdance Retreat Center movement jams. All cello with some vocals and percussion. Lyrical, expansive, uplifting.

L o o k i n g   U p

Looped and multi-tracked, improvised and composed Cello music with some percussion and guitar. A myriad of moving, musical spaces.

F l y i n g   P i z z i c a t o

Definitive studio recordings of Stephen’s bow-

less and looped repertoire. This CD celebrates the fulfillment of more than a decade of innovation.

[Flying Pizzicato sheet music is available here.]

C e l l o   T e m p l e

Ten improvised cello tracks recorded live at movement jams in Cambridge and Western Massachusetts. Deep trance to uplifting lyricism.

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