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Bitterroot Prelude

A rhythmically driving, tour-de-force, flying pizzicato solo in E Minor. 3 minute prelude to the 13 minute Bitterroot Suite.

See the lessons page for an intro tutorial on the

flying pizzicato technique used in Bitterroot Prelude


[Cel-lo-com-MO-tion] - an advanced cello solo in A Minor featuring flying and jazz pizzicato, contrapuntal voices, and a shuffle rhythm with a mean back-beat. 3 minute solo.

Watch Stephen perform Cellocommotion here.


[deh-seh-BEH-day] - a smooth, intricate, Brazilian-influenced (not-flying) pizzicato solo gem in D minor with interwoven melody and bass line. 2 page solo.

Watch Stephen perform Decebede here.

The Return - cello quartet

Long melodic lines glide above a running 16th note pizzicato bass line Think: Soulful French Impressionist with a mild backbeat. Advanced cello ensemble in A Minor. (4 parts plus score)

Listen to a performance of The Return here.


Cellophants - cello quartet

A romp, a stomp, with "extended techniques", and a show-stopping climax. Beginner/early-intermediate quartet that works as well for duo or trio. (4 parts plus score.)

Listen to a performance of Cellophants here.






Mini Thanks

An excellent introduction to Flying Pizzicato, this uplifting, two-page, full version of Mini Thanks relies on a hand full of left hand pull-offs and hammer-ons for good measure!

See the lessons page for a free, entry-level version

of Mini Thanks, and a duo version video on the media page.


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