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< This CelloCelli tutorial shows how to get started with the Flying Pizzicato cello solo Bitterroot Prelude.

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Stephen as Teacher / QUOTES

Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much... for our time together on Thursday. It was an honor getting to work with you and I hope we can do more soon. In the meantime, I have lots to work on!

- Natalie Haas


Hi Stephen,

Great classes yesterday! It's so great for me and the students to have contact with someone who has pursued a singular path, rather than trying to follow some perceived route to some, mostly imagined, conventional destination. There was alot of

Based on striking the strings one note at a time, and using lots of left-hand pull-offs and hammer-ons, Flying Pizzicato techniques and repertoire have developed hand-in-hand.

Whether you have basic, intermediate, or advanced skills as a cellist, you can start learning Flying Pizzicato right now. Unlike the Art of the Bow, there are only a few techniques and principles that Flying Pizzicato depends upon, mostly related to a continuous down & up motion of the right thumb and first finger, respectively.

Flying Pizzicato Lessons will get both hands working together, build your skills with basic etudes and simpler repertoire, and eventually lead to the fancy stuff like what's on my Flying Pizzicato CD

Once you have the basic principles in hand you'll be flying in no time!

Welcome to

Flying Pizzicato Lessons

Flying Pizzicato is an approach to strumming and plucking the cello that grew out of my quest to make deeply rhythmic music that bonds the emotional resonance and refinement of classical music with the roots of rhythm and improvisation.

I've been cultivating Flying Pizzicato for decades, sharing it in lessons and workshops internationally, and I teach what I've learned via skype and in-person sessions.

Contact me for more information about Flying Pizzicato lessons and workshops

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“I am pleased to discover that you are not only a fine cellist and composer, but you are also an excellent teacher!”

- Dr. Ute Meyer, U.S. Consulate, Düsseldorf

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Workshop : Cologne, Germany

Workshop : University of Connecticut

Workshop : Stephen’s Cellists of Summer

food for thought and experimentation on various levels, technical, musical, philosophical, and I really appreciate the openness to the students as people that came across so clearly in your way of interacting.  

- Jonathan Golove, Faculty, University at Buffalo


First, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your album Flying Pizzicato. As a cellist and teacher I’m having a lot of fun working on the technique and introducing it to my students. I think that any technique that helps us to think differently about producing sound and rhythm on the cello is worthwhile and your music is very appealing to them…and me!… I’m interested in some of the ways that you create multiple voices.

- John Dunlop, Dartmouth Cello Faculty


As a teacher Stephen brings his considerable creativity and warmth into each session. Totally present and attuned to his students, he encourages them to explore their individual paths to artistic accomplishment and to have fun along the way.  To be Stephen’s student is to experience the delight of discovery, both artistically and personally.  Bright and witty, talented and playful, accomplished and approachable,  Stephen Katz is quite simply divine.

  1. -G. V.


Stephen is engaged, helpful, flexible, creative, encouraging, and overall a lot of fun to work with. The cello is an extraordinarily versatile instrument and Stephen helps open new dimensions to playing and creating that would have been difficult to find elsewhere. I cannot speak for all levels of students, but for adult beginners, I highly recommend Stephen.

- F. B. (Skype Student)