Angels in the Engine Room

A cellist sees the light between Bach and a hard place


Angels in the Engine Room is a cello concert, a one man stage play, and the story of my creative and spiritual quest.  I’m currently booking performances for 2016 and beyond in theaters, concert halls, homes and schools. Let me know here if you have venue suggestions.

When Stephen Katz’s concert of Bach Suites is commandeered by the force of his inner voices, he is compelled to reveal what’s troubling him: how to let the spirit of Bach speak directly through his cello, and how to explain why his unorthodox physical practice with a juggling ball has made its way into the concert program!

What is his Muse up to? Why interrupt the greatness of Bach’s music with the “engine room” grit and grime of life’s practice, discipline, and laundry? What do the transcendent and the day-to-day have to do with one another? With this performance, Stephen brings to the stage a life-long exploration of the links between music, mastery, and his quest to be of service for the Good Of All. “I hold one piece of a puzzle,” says Katz, “and with the audience as my witness, I’m finding its place in the Big Picture.”